Group Analytic Psychotherapy

What is Group Psychotherapy?

Group analytic psychotherapy is a form of therapy for adults that offers therapeutic treatment of all the group members, by the group and for the group. This form of psychotherapy has been established in Ireland for the past 30 years.

  • The group members process the different levels of relating, in the unconscious, in the here and now and within external relationships.
  • We discover through exploration, reflection and dialogue a better sense of ourselves, our identity, and a sense of belonging.
  • The therapeutic work in the group brings together a live, here and now experience that includes the backdrop of our familial and personal history.
  • The therapists role is as conductor of the group. One of the ways the conductor supports the groups' work is through reflections and observations of the group process.
  • The group currently running in the centre is part of Fiona Masterson’s clinical training in group analytic psychotherapy in the School of Psychotherapy in St Vincents’ University Hospital Dublin.

How do I become part of the therapy group?

Before joining the group, you will have a number of individual sessions.

Confidentiality is a core value of the group. Members are not known to each other and do not communicate with each other outside of the group. Holding these boundaries help the members' sense of safety within the group.

The group includes up to 8 members, including the group conductor.

The group is weekly and ongoing; each session lasts for one and a half hours.  Breaks and endings are planned.